Gridcamp Check-In Lounge

Businesses should pay for ONLY what they use.
So we created a service to help you figure our how you can use Gridcamp and avoid paying for tens of software with your data in multiple places.

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Think of us as your Personal Business Consultants

Our Check-In Lounge Advisors provide you with one-on-one sessions.
Please note that this is NOT a Sales call.

Frequently Asked Questions

With hundreds of applications to choose between and vendors obscuring their pricing, picking the right software is hard work. We’ll act as consultants who can help you navigate the complexities of choosing software. Our team takes the time to understand your goals and suggest which software will work best for you. Our job isn’t to sell you, but to find the right fits based on your needs.

The more information you can provide about your business processes, the better our Check-In Advisor will be at helping you. For example, if you want to improve your Project Management tell us where you’re having problems right now: is your current system bad at managing resources for time? Is it cumbersome to track timesheets or manage defects in project delivery?

If you work at a larger business, selecting software often involves people from several departments agreeing on a decision. Try scheduling a call when your colleagues can be on the line or at least find out about their requirements ahead of time if they won’t be available.

Expect your call to be a one-on-one conversation. Before the call, your Advisor will examine your requirements and research your company and industry. During the call, you’ll describe how your processes currently work and what your goals are. After learning more about your requirements, we’ll recommend software that fits your business and explain why it will work.

Don’t expect to be put on hold, forced to navigate robotic phone trees, or hear heavily-scripted sales tactics. This isn’t a sales or support call; think of it more as a consultation.

We’ve consulted with one-person businesses that are just getting started all the way up to established enterprises seeking to modernize their software.

If our Check-In Advisor doesn’t believe Gridcamp is right for your business, then that’s what they’ll tell you. Our team works to help you, not to earn commission on sales.

Gridcamp Check-In Lounge offers a scheduled meeting with one of our Check-In Advisors for free. The duration of this call might be an hour or two. If you feel you need any additional consulting, you can purchase our premium Business Health Check or Business Process Automation Audit services.