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Schedule a Check-In Lounge session with one of our Process Experts.

Our Process Experts help you customize your Gridcamp platform and guide you on how Gridcamp Studio can meet your business needs through one-on-one sessions. Think of us as your own personal business consultants.

This won’t be a Sales call.

We won’t pressure you to sign up, or upsell you into a more expensive feature package. We’ll always be upfront with you if our product isn’t the best fit for your business. And the best part about the service? It’s 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and solutions to most common queries we receive. If you cant find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why Check-In Lounge

With hundreds of applications to choose between and vendors obscuring their pricing, picking the right software is hard work. We’ll act as consultants who can help you navigate the complexities of choosing software. Our team takes the time to understand your goals and suggest which software will work best for you. Our job isn’t to sell you, but to find the right fits based on your needs.

How do I prepare for my Check-In Lounge session?

The more information you can provide about your business processes, the better our concierge will be at helping you.

If you work at a larger business, selecting software often involves people from several departments agreeing on a decision. Try scheduling a call when your colleagues can be on the line or at least find out about their requirements ahead of time if they won’t be available.

How do I expect from my Check-In Lounge session?

Expect your call to be a one-on-one conversation. Before the call, concierge will examine your requirements and research your company and industry. During the call, you’ll describe how your processes currently work and what your goals are. After learning more about your requirements, we’ll recommend apps that suit your business and explain why they can work.

What should I NOT expect from my Check-In Lounge Session?

Don’t expect to be put on hold, forced to navigate robotic phone trees, or hear heavily-scripted sales tactics. This isn’t a sales or support call; think of it more as a consultation.

What is the purpose of going through a Check-In Lounge?

Choosing software isn’t as simple as it used to be. There are hundreds of vendors and it’s not always straightforward figuring out if applications will work together. Concierge helps you determine which tools fit your needs and how those tools will work with each other and your existing software.

Can I use my session for Customer Support?

Check-In Lounge can recommend which applications to use and which features to look into, but they’re not a support team. Please visit our Support Lounge for Platform-related Help and Support.

Do I have to pay for my Session?

No, it’s free. Most business owners are excited to hear about all the ways Gridcamp can help them with their business. For us, that’s priceless.

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