Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

Our Ecommerce development solution is everything you need to launch an Ecommerce site in no time. Pick our multi-vendor Ecommerce software and personalize it the way you want to fit the needs of your commercial enterprise.

Many Vendors, One Store

Product inventories from different sellers will be displayed under one single store in your brand’s name.

Vendor Profile

Each seller will be given a unique profile and can have any number of products depending on their membership plans.

Vendor Plan and Subscription

Admins can set different membership plans where the seller can subscribe based on pricing, and their subscription plans will be notified accordingly.

Product Approval by Admin

Review/approve new products with full admin control. Vendors cannot sell products directly on the marketplace without admin’s approval.

Seller Shipping Management

Vendors can directly contact the shipment service provider, add and track the shipment of goods from the warehouse.

Flexible Commissions

Admins can charge commissions for every vendor sale based on different subscription plans either as fixed rates or on a percentage basis.

Mobile Commerce

Acquire personally customized native mobile apps for your E-commerce marketplace to enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Vendor Management

Handle a multitude of sellers across your platform, set preferred commission rates, check vendor information instantaneously.

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Strategy. Design & Content. Website Redesign

There’s no secret sauce, no wizard behind the curtain. What makes your site tick is an interdisciplinary team with a framework that fosters candid collaboration.

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With more than 10 years of writing for tech journals and publishing DIY books, Marcus Reywald is a respected author in the fields of tech & webdesign.

Marcus Reywald

Book Author

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